Mark V Johnson, Second Generation Hypnotherapist from Dallas, makes regular visits to Houston for Past Life Regression Houston, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Houston and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Houston.

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Not only is Mark a Second Generation Hypnotherapist, he is also a Second Generation Past Life Regression Therapist. His father, Dr. Robert M. Johnson began guiding people back to explore their past lives in the 1960’s in Mark’s hometown, Charleston, SC. Mark, along with his brothers and sister, were allowed to watch their father guide people into hypnosis as well as back to past lives. Although it did not happen every night or even every weekend, they did get to observe may different past life regression sessions during their childhood.

Houston Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression HoustonPast Life Regression is growing in popularity and Mark has found that although he only visits Houston for Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression 3 or 4 times a year, he gets calls from Houston and the surrounding area on a regular basis. There are others in Houston who offer Past Life Regression, but Mark has extensive experience in not only Past Life Regression but other forms of what he calls Spiritual Hypnotherapy.

In addition to Past Life Regression, he also facilitates Life Between Lives sessions. Mark had the opportunity to study Life Between Lives Regression with Dr. Michael Newton and he also studied with Dr. Brian Weiss as well. While other Past Life Regression Therapists work in other unrelated modalities, Mark works extensively in Hypnotherapy and what he calls Spiritual Hypnotherapy.

The length of the sessions is not written in stone, Mark takes his time to make sure the client is prepared before entering into hypnosis and also spends time in each past life to be sure that everything is understood. He constantly receives compliments from his clients in terms of his patience though his wife often feels he spends too long in his sessions.

His work includes facilitating Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Life Between Lives and clinical Hypnotherapy sessions as well as offering Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training and Past Life Regression Training in Dallas and Phoenix. Mark’s Hypnotherapy Training is now available in Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, New Orleans and Atlanta.

Find out more about Past Life Regression Houston, Mark and his work by visiting his main  Past Life Regression website.


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