I have been traveling for Houston Past Life Regression sessions since January 2012 and have met some interesting people who have had powerful Past Life Regression Experiences. I am always excited to return to Houston because I know there will be some different sessions there. Each year I return in January and May as well as 3-4 other times throughout the year.

Houston Past Life Regression

In one Past Life Regression Houston session my client was living on earth millions if not billions of years ago, in a lifetime that was very early in terms of human lives on this planet. There had been some sort of disaster that burned the trees and plants and left the place where they lived in a condition that made it difficult to find food. Even the animals had trouble finding food.

She lived in a cave with others and they struggled to find food to feed themselves. When I had her move forward she was in a spaceship traveling to earth, and it was before the previous scene instead of after. She was on a mission to earth to gather samples of the air for testing back on her planet. There were others doing other tests, but her project was to collect air samples and bring them back for testing.

Later she decided to answer the call from mother earth for souls to begin incarnating there, so she ended her existence on her planet and began incarnating on earth, in the lifetime we explored at the beginning of the session.

There were more details about that Houston Past Life Regression session, and even things that relate to her current life, though I prefer not to share personal details, so I won’t go there at this time. It was one of many amazing sessions from my first visit to Houston. Each session on that visit had me thinking WOW, that was incredible, that will be my best session here in Houston. I would hold onto that until the next session, and the next.

I finally realized that like elsewhere, the Past Life Regression Houston sessions were all different, and even from my point of view it would be difficult to set a pecking order in terms of which one was ‘better’ than another. It’s also about the client as well. Each session is different and cannot be judged in this way.

There have been sessions that from my point of view were not that great, but when we finished the session and talked about it, I discovered my client was blown away. This has been the case with Houston Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions as well as with Skype Past Life Regression sessions.

The sessions bring each client what they need most at the time. The important aspect of each session is the information provided to the client, and the knowledge and understanding they receive as well as any healing they may encounter. These sessions often provide healing on different levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Check out the links above to find out more about the different sessions and my schedule in Houston. I visit a variety of different locations in my travels and have found that when the time is right these sessions will happen. Visit my main Past Life Regression site and give me a call if you have any questions. I have discovered that when the time is right and you are ready to schedule your Life Between Lives, Past Life Regression or Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, the session will happen.