Ever since the first time I traveled to Houston for Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regression I have been amazed with the sessions there. My trip in May 2013 was no exception, so I thought I’d include some highlights here.

Houston Quantum Healing Hypnosis

When I was in Houston for Past Life Regression for 6 days in May, I facilitated 11 sessions, including: 

  • 1 Past Life Regression Session
  • 2 Life Between Lives Sessions
  • 8 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions

While the official name of the session is Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I often call it the Advanced Past Life Regression session since that lets people know that it includes Past Life Regression as well as an opportunity to connect with spirit to get answers to questions, assess your physical and emotional condition and provide spiritual healing when appropriate. While spirit is often Higher Self, which is a part of you, it is not uncommon for a Spirit Guide to be available to answer your questions and provide healing.

The sessions in Houston are always interesting, so I enjoy traveling for Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions in Houston. As usual, even after my schedule was filled, I continued to receive calls for sessions on my way to Houston, after I arrived and after I returning home to Dallas. When this happens I usually plan another trip in a month or 2. I typically wait 4 months between visits, but as more people discover the benefits of Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I end up returning more often.

One of my clients was surprised at what she discovered during the Past Life Regression part of her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. She eventually returned to review one of her past lives again about a year later and got even more detail.

In the first Past Life, she was a British soldier whose assignment was to take land from a tribe of Native Americans. While they thought they thought they had figured out how to pull that off, the other side had a different plan and they were defeated by the Indians who were better prepared. 

He was captured by the Indians who dragged him behind their horse back to their village where they tied him up, stabbed him in the heart and scalped him. 

The next lifetime in her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session was also a military experience, though the situation and time period were quite different. This was the one that included the the surprise. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

When I asked about the first thing she noticed she mentioned hearing helicopters overhead, reinforcements were coming. She was in a swamp and eventually we discovered this was in Vietnam. At one point early on the past life self started cussing up a storm because he got water in his boots and his socks were wet. He also complained about leeches and mosquitoes as well. 

We discovered that it was 1964 and he was a 21 year old Hispanic male who was a private in the army and did not want to be there. At one point he said that he did not feel he was going to make it back home alive. He continued to move back and forth from the swamp to the base without a lot of additional detail. Since there was not much more to learn in that scene, I decided to take him back to a time before he was in the army.

As we continued the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, I regressed him back to a time when he was 17 years old at a dance with his lady and his friends. He mentioned his low rider and we discovered that he was somewhat of a trouble maker. His name was Joe. In the next session we discovered that he got in trouble when he was accused of trying the burn down the high school. When he went to court the judge said he could go to Vietnam or go to jail. That is why he decided to join the army. 

Next we went back to an even earlier time when he was at home running around the house playing with his brothers and sisters. He was about 7 years old. Next I was told that this is my grandmother’s house. When I said, oh it’s his grandmother’s house, she said no, it’s his mother’s house, it my grandmother’s house. This is when we realized that she was her uncle in this past life.

I noticed she had Uncle Joe listed on her list of people in her current life that I asked her to bring to her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. Usually that is more about people in your life today who may have been in a past life, though this time it was different.

I asked for names of the brothers and sisters and the names Stevie and Angela were the first 2, neither of these were her parents. Eventually she named her father as one of the siblings. 

After her Quantum Healing Hypnosis session she mentioned that she never knew Stevie, as he had passed away before she was born. She thought it was interesting that she said his name first since she never considered him to be an uncle. She also told me that she smelled the cooking and that was the first thing that told her it was her grandmother’s house. After that there was also visual recognition.

Next we returned to Vietnam to find out more about that part of the lifetime. In the 2nd session we discovered that he had been promoted to a Sargent and was out on patrol with 4-5 others. He said that he knew this was going to be his last day. When I asked how he knew, he said there were a lot of land mines and there were body parts all over the place. He also had dog tags of a lot of others in his pocket.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Vietnam

He entered a clearing and noticed there were bodies of American soldiers stacked up in an open area. He walked over there to see if there were any personal belongings with the bodies, then he stopped and said he could not move. I asked why, but all I got back was my buddy Peter is telling me we have to leave, but I cannot move. I tell him to go, but he is waiting for me. I throw him my gun and tell him to leave now, but he keeps asking me to come with him. I throw him my dog tags and tell him to leave now.

He had stepped on a trip wire and could not move. If the others did not leave, they might be injured as well. After the others left and he was alone, he mentioned an arm on the ground by his feet. He said he wanted to reach down and hold the hand so he would not be alone. When he could not stay there any longer the bomb went off and sent metal scraps flying in every direction. On the virtual wall it says that he died of multiple fragment wounds, which fits with the experience. 

Several things came up after the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and over the next few weeks as she got validation from her family. She told me that her father once said to her when she was young that she reminded him of his brother Joe. At one point he gave her letters that Joe had sent to the family from Vietnam, but she had never even looked at them. A week or so later she emailed me and said that she had been reading them and in the last one that she read he was complaining about his socks getting wet and asked them to send him some socks. 

This type of thing does not happen all the time, though there are many different experiences people have when they make the decision to schedule a Quantum Healing Hypnosis or Past Life Regression session.

I travel to Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Hot Springs, New Orleans, Atlanta and Charleston for these Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions, though I spend most of my time working with my Dallas clients.

After presenting our Hypnotherapy Training and Past Life Regression Training in Dallas for several years, we decided to take the training on the road as well. We now offer Hypnotherapy Training in Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta. Visit Good Vibes Hypnosis Training where you’ll find answers to many questions about Hypnotherapy Certification and Training.